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Central Antiragging Committee 2018 - 19
Dr. V. V. Kulkarni
Director Chairman
Mr. S. I. Dubal
P.I., Hatkanangle Police Station Member
Dr. Mrs. R. S. Pujari
NGO Representative Member
Mr. A. K. Rathod
Nodal Officer Member
Dr. S. S. Patel
Director of Physical Education Member
Dr. Mrs. S. S. Shinde
Faculty Member
Mr. K. M. Aldar
Faculty Member
Mr. S. B. Kamble
Faculty Member
Mr. Patwardhan Mahesh
Registrar Member
Mr. Patil A. B.
Parent Member
Mr. S. H. Bhosale
Rector Boys Hostel Member
Mrs. A. A. Powar
Rector Girls Hostel Member
Mr. M. M. Badame
Chief Security Member
Mr. Rohan Reddy
Engineering Section Member
Ms. Shreya Mohalkar
Engineering Section Member
Ms. Shwetali Nikam
Engineering Section Member
Mr. Prathmesh Patil
Engineering Section Member
Mr. Giridhar Kore
Engineering Section Member
Departmental Coordinator Antiragging Committee 2018 - 19
Mr. Anil K. Rathod
E & TC
95033 89868
Dr. Snehal S. Shinde
96730 20446
Mr. Sandip B. Kamble
81497 45529
Mr. K. M. Aldar
84212 25402
Ms. Lakshmi Shankreppagol
81238 62284
Mr. Swastik Shinde
97319 44431
Anti Ragging Student Squad 2016-17
Following are the Department wise Antiragging Squad 2018 - 19
MBA Department
Mechanical Department
Electrical Department
Computer Science & Engineering Department
Electronics and Telecommunication Department
Civil Department
Basic Science & Humanities Department
Girls Hotel
Boys Hostel
Please go through the following links for more information about Anti Ragging Acts, affidavit & more ..
AICTE Notification on Prevention and prohibition of Ragging
Rules & Regulations for Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging
The Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging act 1999
Summary of UGC Regulations on Curbing TheMenace of Ragging
Summary of Judgement of The Hon. Supreme Court
For filling online Anti - Ragging Affidavit visit - https://antiragging.in
Step by Step Guide On How To Fill An Online Anti Ragging Undertaking
Anti Ragging Cell Activities
Ragging Awareness Session for First Year Engineering Students AY 2017-18
Ragging Awareness Guest Lecture on 14th February 2017
For more information or any complaints please contact :

Mr. Anil K. Rathod
Nodal Officer , Anti- Ragging - SGI
Cell No. : 95033 89868
Email :antiraggingcell@sginstitute.in

Mr. Mahesh K. Patwardhan
Registrar - SGI
Cell No. : 95525 72001
Email :antiraggingcell@sginstitute.in