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Robotics Club Details
Name of Club :
Robotics Club
Central / Departmental :
Head of Club :
Prof. Shailesh Dinde (CSE Department)
Date of Establishment :
18th January 2018
No. of Members :
About the Club :

Robotics club is a place where we make robots together and discuss about them. These robots may be quite simple (eg. A pick and place mechanism) or quite complex (eg. a biped robot) and manually or autonomously operated (most tasks can be accomplished using both manually and autonomously operated robots). The club provides workspace, kits and tools, intellectually stimulating conditions and people to help you out if you have any problems

The eventual aim of the club is to lift up that spirit of engineering within each one of us. The whole essence of engineering lies in the spirit of innovation, the spirit of designing systems on our own. This process of working on our own gives a lot of satisfaction. So let us together reload within us that spirit of innovation which has been lying untapped for all these years

Robotics, or if we go to a superset of it -Mechatronics is a field that is at the intersection of varied engineering disciplines - Mechanical Engineering, Electrical, Electronics as well as Computer Science to name a few. One will learn skills ranging from electronics, mechanics, controls, programming, and even as broad as understanding animal behavior and human psychology. It will be very interesting and exciting for us, the students, to experiment at this intersection on a technical, applied and design level. So by setting up the club we get a chance to apply the knowledge we gain in the classroom through various lectures, in real-world scenarios

In brief, it is an opportunity to apply knowledge creatively, to see how systems interact, both with each other and with the environment. So the aim in starting the Robotics club is to inculcate within ourselves the habit of "thinking technologically ".

Objective of Club :
Strives to stimulate interest in robotics among the students of the institute.
Cultivate young students to work on developing technologies from an industrial perspective
To encourage students to participate in various programs and activities and broaden their horizon and experiences, which is important for their all-round development
To train students who have the passion to excel in building and programming miniature robots to take part in National and international competitions
Faculty Team Members
Prof. Shailesh Dinde (CSE Dept.)
Prof. Nilesh Sabnis (Mechanical Dept.)
Prof. Pravin Kothawale (E&TC Dept.)
Prof. Pravin Magdum (Electrical Dept.)
Activities of the Club
Competition for Name and Logo for Robotics Club
Inaugural of Robotics Club
Guest Lecture on Robotics by Mr. Ajinkya Dixit
2 Workshop on of robotics
Planned Activities :
Robotics awareness programs
Short term trainings
Inter college competition on manual robotics
Long term training programs (3 month)