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Knowledge Club Details
Name of Club :
SGI Knowledge Hub (SKH)
Slogan of Club :
Connecting Brains
Central / Department Level :
Central Club
Date of Establishment :
30th January 2017
Logo of Club :
Objective of Club :
To impart value based quality knowledge (either by in house faculty members or by industry level professional) on recent trends
To develop a wide open community of enthusiastic students who are willing to both share as well as gain knowledge and provide a platform for them where they can learn, share, explore and interact with the changing world
Promoting all round development of the students and encouraging them to take part in various activities around and also acknowledging them for their work
Faculty In Charge of Club :
Ms. Mulla Rahesha Yasin (Assistant Professor , CSE)
Club Members :
Activities performed :
Inauguration by Dr. V.V. Kulkarni, Director SGI on 12th January 2018
Motivational Speech & carrier guidance, by Mr. Prasad Joshi on 12th January 2018
Android App Development, By Mr. Shantisagar Khot, Professional Android app Developer, SoftaimsinfoTech, 12th & 13th January 2018
Activities Planned :
Quiz Competition
Poster Presentation