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Research and Development Center
The Institute established in the year 2009, offers Under Graduate (B.E) Post Graduate (M. E) and M. B. A. programmes. Since the inception of the institute in 2009, research has always been an area of paramount importance. As a matter of policy, institute encourages research by faculty members and provides incentives for research output in the form of publications and patents. The institute encourages teaching faculty to compete for research funding and rewards success in the form of academic allowances and research incentives. Sufficient budgetary allocations are made for research through capital allocations for consumables, equipments, mentainance etc. Experts, from reputed research institutes are invited to deliver lecture and play a significant role in promoting the scientific temper among faculties. Students of the institutes are encouraged to take up innovative projects and present their findings in conferences / exhibitions.

The Institute has subscribed e-journals from IEEE, ASCE, ASME, Elsevier, ASTM, etc. Till date 34 staff members have registered for PhD. More than 60 research publications are to the credit of the institute (most of the articles are published in peer reviewed journals having good impact factor and has received good citations). The institute has also filed two patents. Faculty members of the departments are actively involved in consultancy and extension activities (Lab to Land). To encourage research and innovation the institute has constituted R&D cell and Entrepreneurship development cell. The cells monitor and promote research and innovative thinking among the staff and students. R & D cell facilitate proposal writing to various funding agencies like AICTE, DST, RGSTC, University etc.