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To emerge as one of the most preferred management Institute driven by excellence in imparting value based quality education and innovation in research to meet the global challenges of management profession.
To impart state of art value based quality education through academic excellence.
To promote multi disciplinary activities and faculty development in association with Institutes and corporates.
To continually improve support system to create an ambience conducive to learning and research.
Preparation :
To prepare students for successful careers in the corporate world through quality professional management education.
Core Competence :
To inculcate leadership qualities and enabling students to pursue ethical management practices through value based education.
Breadth :
To disseminate contemporary management concepts through practical orientation and bridge module value addition courses with an objective to prepare students solve management problems and create new opportunities.
Professionalism :
To instill in students a sense of discipline to shape positive frame of mind, effective communication and presentation skills, team spirit, multi-disciplinary approach and inculcating leadership qualities to enthuse competitiveness through continuous industry-institute interface.
Life-long Learning :
To provide students with a professional environment and a state of the art infrastructure, be on the verge of new learning and an attitude to explore new avenues, through research bent of mind and help them pave ways towards successful professional careers.
To demonstrate perpetual base for multi-disciplinary principles in management for achieving organizational goals.
Develop student's written and oral communication to enhance managerial effectiveness.
Ability to think strategically and lead, motivate and manage teams effectively in variety of organizations in different situations.
To become life-long learners of the skills and competencies necessary to adapt and manage global environmental challenges.
To adapt modern information system and technology for making effective management decisions.
To inculcate a spirit of entrepreneurship with an objective of personal and societal well-being
Develop research based thinking and use of quantitative and statistical tools for business decision making
Act in a manner that reflects their appreciation and understanding of the value of social responsibility, cultural diversity, legal and ethical principles in a professional environment.
Demonstrate the value of professional development, community service and a moral character.